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Introducing Hawk Eye, a Useful App For GitHub Notifications

Struggling to keep a handle on your GitHub notifications? Never fear, Hawk Eye is here!

Today we’re releasing the initial version of Hawk Eye, a useful app for GitHub notifications. You can check out the GitHub Page.

The Problem

As a developer I keep up to date with open source projects that I am actively using or interested in using GitHub’s Watching feature. This feature enables you to receive notifications whenever an update has occurred for one of these projects.

Whether you watch some popular repositories or manage a popular repository of your own, the notifications come flooding in. For example, the TypeScript project can give you well over 100 notifications in a short amount of time.

After struggling to manage these notifications on the GitHub website itself, we decided to build our own app to help.

Our Solution

HawkEye Dark Screenshot

Meet Hawk Eye, the app for managing your notifications. Hawk Eye will pull in your notifications, with support for multiple accounts and keep you up to date on what you’ve got to review.

Your notifications are pulled into a list, which can be filtered down by subject, repository and the reason you’re receiving them. From there, you can check off single notifications or just mark the whole lot as read. If you just need the link, or want to view a notification you can right click or double-click on it, depending on your preferences.

HawkEye Light Screenshot

Whether you’re a dark or light UI person, there’s an option for you. You can also resize Hawk Eye to any that you’d like in order to fit your needs. On thinner sizes, the filter list goes away so you’re left to see what notifications may come in.

HawkEye Group Screenshot

Web Technologies

Hawk Eye is built on top of Electron with modern web technologies including TypeScript and React. We use React to render our UI, along with Redux to manage our application state and React Router for routing across pages in our application. The combination of both Electron and web technologies results in an application we can ship to macOS, Windows and Linux.

Releases & Contributing

Hawk Eye is our first open source project and will be available to view over at GitHub. Releases for macOS, Windows and Linux are available over at the Releases Page.

We’re excited to release this to the world, and hope developers both find it useful, as well as help contribute to the project. So grab a copy, and let us know on GitHub. File an issue with feedback, or better yet submit a Pull Request!

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Andrew Hathaway

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