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Reliable Greenhouse-gas Accounting, I4.0 Technology Concert, Trolling the Weather, Global Return on ESG Performance & Prime UI Upgrade

Hark Friday Five

Greenhouse Gas Reporting Standardisation

Standards for net zero is something we’ve covered before here at Hark HQ. This week’s first article of note comes from nature.com and covers the proliferation of greenhouse gas reporting tools available to companies and the requirement to in the future integrate these tools.

The difficulty with this is outlined by the United Nations desire to have an internationally recognised way of defining the calculations of emissions of greenhouse gas – if all nations, companies and scientists use different, disjointed methods to tally greenhouse-gas emissions then it becomes extremely challenging to get an accurate portrayal of how those emissions are changing.

We’re all for this, anything that makes the solutions to climate change simpler for everyone is good thing and it means that larger scale actions such as carbon taxes, border tariffs and other zero-carbon policies or investments with be designed adequately.

Technologies like IoT and AI work in concert

person holding black and silver dj controller

Second up, there’s a really great post from the team over at Fastenal on Forbes. Referencing data from a survey from Deloitte on the top technologies in order to facilitate Industry 4.0, Jeff Hicks, makes such a valid point that technologies used to achieve Industry 4.0 need to work in concert:

Industry 4.0 is defined by technology, but the end goal is to improve human activities (logistics, engineering, production, etc.) and ultimately to improve the customer experience.

Jeff Hicks, Fastenal on Forbes.com

Trolling the Weather and Forecasters (not cool)

Matt Taylor in front of map of UK with temperatures

One of the sad things to be reported this week after the UK’s extreme temperatures and heat wave was the influx of trolling of weather forecasters and presenters.

Temperatures hit 40C but the BBC team reported hundreds of abusive tweets and/or emails questionning the accuracy of their weather reports.

Most of the abuse appears to stem from the links between the heatwave and climate change.

The weather may have been hot, this behaviour is not.

ESG Stock Outperforms

close-up photo of monitor displaying graph

Over the last 5 years, stocks funds weighted towards environmental, social and governance (ESG) outperformed other stock. That’s according to sustainability and data company ESG Book.

The analysis took model portfolios containing between 60-85 stocks and an interesting finding was that those companies with higher governance scores

ESG Book’s analysis of model portfolios containing 60 to 85 stocks on average showed performance varied widely by individual ESG component. Companies with better governance scores were more profitable than stocks with higher social scores.

Another indication of the importance of sustainability in the financial markets.

A Prime UI upgrade

When this was shared in our internal Teams chat it received what can only be described as a 5 star, overwhelmingly wordy review from our Lead Designer, Abbie:

“It is cool.”

Erm…yeah, Abbie is quite the wordsmith. But seriously it’s pretty rare that a UI makes global headlines but that’s what Amazon’s refresh of its Prime Video user interface did. Interestingly enough a lot of news outlets referred to the design as ‘long overdue’ and apparently Amazon has been developing the new UI for about 18 months.

If you want to check out the ‘super carousel’ and other changes then there are some great write ups over on Make Use Of and Variety.

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