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Hark Resource – What is real-time alerting_

What is Real-time Alerting?

Contents What is real-time alerting? We use real-time alerting to help drive efficiency in organisations. Real-time alerting is critical for empowering predictive maintenance and therefore

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Hark Resource – What is peak load analysis?

What is Peak Load Analysis?

Contents What is peak load analysis? Peak load analysis is a process of identifying the maximum amount of energy demand for any particular estate. It’s

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Hark Resource – Why are smart buildings important

Why are smart buildings important?

All Systems Operational  Contents Why are smart buildings important? The adoption of smart buildings is important for a variety of reasons. For one, smart buildings can greatly improve

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Hark Resource – What is smart building

What is a smart building?

All Systems Operational  Contents What is a ‘smart building’? A smart building, also known as a connected or intelligent building, is a structure that uses

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IoT and technology consultancy services

IoT and technology consultancy services This brochure explains how Hark can guide businesses through an IoT deployment using carefully tailored consultation and software packages. Download

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Hark Resource – Connectivity software for SCADA

Connectivity software for SCADA

Contents Connectivity software for SCADA What are SCADA systems? A supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system combines hardware and software to collect data from

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Hark Resource – Compatibility Checker

Compatibility Checker

Compatibility Checker Use our device compatibility checker below to quickly check whether your asset, sensor or device is supported. Our platform can easily connect to

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