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Since the partnership with Dell Technologies began in 2016, it has only grown from strength to strength. When you combine Dell’s industry leading hardware with our innovative energy monitoring solution, we are a force to be reckoned with.

We sat down with Mike Fay, IoT Solutions Business Development Manager to discuss his thoughts on our partnership.

  • What is the drive behind Dell Technologies partnering with companies like Hark?

Dell Technologies is always looking out for new talent and within the IoT space, we see companies like Hark, shaking things up and challenging the traditional way of doing business. Their disruptive nature makes it easier and more cost-effective.

However, we don’t just choose any companies, we carefully select each and every one of our SME’s that we work with. We only want to work with companies that are extremely agile and can open the door to new areas of business.

  • How did the relationship with Hark and Dell Technologies begin?

The relationship began when we were brought in to assist in the project delivery of aUK retailers’ rollout. Hark needed a partner that could deliver large amounts of hardware to locations all across the country, at the time Hark were building their own hardware. The partnership has a clear value exchange: Dell brings hardware expertise which complements Hark’s software and connectivity expertise.

  • What is it like working with Hark?

Hark are always a pleasure to work with. They hold a no-nonsense /straight-talking approach to doing business, alongside being technically brilliant. They offer an amazing solution for energy management and are successfully disrupting the market, making solutions affordable by linking legacy and proprietary-based analogue systems with new platforms. This means customers can retain their existing assets and don’t have to replace their expensive infrastructure. Partnering with their specialist expertise is hugely beneficial as it means we can credibly enter new vertical markets. Working with Hark also means our sales team have the capability to quickly close projects and make them more efficient.

  • How does Hark’s technology compliment your hardware?

Both of our companies complement each other really well. We provide the hardware infrastructure and Hark provides the application solution. Our hardware is the connecting component between the assets to establish a unified feed of data. Hark provides an innovative solution that we are now able to offer to our existing or new customers. Our combined offering allows organisations to reduce energy costs and increase efficiency.

  • What are the benefits of working with Hark?

Hark has a great way of making the complicated seem easy. They are extremely agile and have helped us close business deals quicker and allowed us to concentrate on our core values.

Due to our collaboration with Hark, we can work on exciting projects that we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do otherwise. Their agile nature means they can deliver projects at a much quicker rate, which is something we cannot always do. They are also keen to spend time onboarding clients and ensuring that the use cases and possibilities available to customers through Hark software are easy to use. I personally love talking to customers as you always gain the most amazing insight and stories and Hark shares the same ethos, they enjoy getting to know the customer and going out to meet them. Hark support the Dell team when it comes to walking customers through complex solutions to ensure they fully understand the process.

  1. Which projects have you collaborated with Hark on?

We have collaborated with Hark on numerous projects such as the UK retailer project which involved the integration of our hardware and Hark solution to over 200 stores nationwide. Together we have been focusing on national UK supermarket rollouts for energy monitoring and building control to power consumption in factories and warehouses.

  1. Aside from projects, how else have you collaborated with Hark?

Dell & Hark collaborate in several ways, we always look at ways in which we can work together, whether that’s joint exhibitions, keynote talks or even a Hackathon event. Joint exhibitions and conferences provide a great opportunity to demonstrate our combined offering to a range of new prospects.

Even when a project has been completed, we continue to collaborate to deliver for our customers, with whatever this may be, even when the solution has been installed.

If you would like to find out more about the Hark & Dell Technologies combined solution offering, then get in touch.

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Jordan Appleson
Jordan Appleson

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