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Let’s keep things simple. Our pricing model gives you more of what you need and less of what you don’t.

Solutions For All

Whether you’re a small life sciences laboratory or a global retail enterprise, we have the right a solution for you.


For small locations ready to improve efficiency of remote condition monitoring, maintenance and compliance.
£500 / month


For larger estates with more assets or locations wanting to expand their Asset Monitoring and Analytics with premium features.
£2,500 / month


For companies seeking enterprise level integrations, customisations and architectures.
From £5,000 / month

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most asked questions about Hark solutions and products. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? 
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A sensor is a clear cut stream of data or data point. We connect sensors to an asset in order to retrieve data and stream it to the cloud. Once connected, a sensor is an item in the Platform that allows you to view, manage, and monitor data. For example, temperature readings could be a sensor, or kWh, humidity, voltage.

Yes, you are able to add more sensors at any time, however doing so may increase your pricing subscription. Look for the number of sensor points outlined in our pricing tiers.

No, we do not charge per user or per location. Our subscriptions are based on the number of sensor points connected to the platform and the features used. We’d encourage you to add more users of your organisation to the platform, the more people who can see the data means the more opportunity for efficiencies, saving energy, cutting carbon, preventing failures.

Yes, monthly billing is standard. 

The Hark Platform can be accessed through any browser and is responsive, so it works on desktop, tablet and mobile. Click here to log in.

Yes, we have REST API’s and GraphQL API’s, as well as data connectors to integrate cloud data systems.

Customer data is stored for at least 12 months, or by the length of the contract, which can be customised depending on your exact requirements. 

Yes, we offer a dedicated service desk as part of all of our subscription packages. As part of our enterprise plan, we can also offer custom service level agreements.

The Hark Platform has the capacity to support a limitless number of sensors. 


Yes, data sample rates can be configured and changed depending on solution requirements. 


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