Real-time Visibility of Energy & Utilities for a Global Beverage Manufacturing Company

Data every 60 seconds

Multi-site deployment

Gaining visibility of gas, water and energy data was a top priority for one of our global beverage manufacturing clients. Bottling lines, filtration rooms and heating systems were the core industrial assets that required cloud connectivity, with an over-arching vision to support the organisations sustainability goals.

Becoming net-zero, reducing wastewater, and cutting carbon emissions by 50% were some of the sustainability goals the company wanted to achieve, with help from our team of industrial IoT specialists.

Aside from sustainability-related objectives, the company were struggling to take meter readings due to the type of metering in place. This manual process meant they had less time to focus on other key objectives. Additionally, without clear insight of their water consumption, the company were unable to verify the accuracy of their water utility bills. The Hark Platform provided an answer to each of these challenges.

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Creating Connectivity for Bottling Lines, Water Filtration Rooms, and Rooftop Heating Systems

We instantly isolated inefficiencies
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"Exploring these use-cases with the client has provided an excellent example of the diversity offered by The Hark Platform. Deploying our solutions into a number of different areas has given the client critical insight into energy and asset performance throughout the estate."
Jordan Appleson
CEO - Hark

LoRaWAN Network and Gateway Security

Alcoholic beverage manufacturing Beer bottles process line

Key Features and Services

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Key Outcomes

What were outcomes of the project and how did it benefit the client?

Energy and utility savings ⚡️

Able to accurately view water consumption to dispute with utility providers and make savings. As well as energy savings through efficiency and improved performance.

Access to key insights 🔎

Whether for reporting, for regulation or for making improvements to processes, having access to valuable data insights is an important outcome for the business.

Industry 4.0 future-proofing 🤖

With the transition toward smart factories and facilities, the integration of cloud-connected smart systems has allowed the company to be a step ahead and ready for a digital-first future.

Reduced hardware or replacements 🔧 

Having accurate insight into the health of an asset gives the company enough insight to know when an asset truly needs replacing or when it simply needs repairing. This results in a reduced need for additional hardware and helps save on costs.

Reduced callouts and unnecessary maintenance 🛠

With predictive maintenance empowered by our Events and Alerting features, the company can vastly reduce maintenance costs and plan callouts more efficiently by using real-time data or forecasting features.

Improved Performance Through Continual Optimisation 🔋

With the facility running with higher efficiency, and more assets performing at their peak, the business can further maximise yield.

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