Intelligent Asset Monitoring.

The Hark Platform's Asset Monitoring systems use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in real-time to automatically recognise patterns and spot anomalies within assets and equipment.

Increase yield; predict failures; reduce costs.

Real-time observation of your assets

Teams can monitor, store and analyse equipment performance information including sensor data, trends, alerts and statistics.

Managed completely by our team at Hark HQ, the Hark Platform requires no servers and supports industry standard protocols such as Modbus, BACNet, Ethernet/IP and more. In real-time, this information is collected from assets and streamed securely to the cloud. Teams can subsequently collect, visualise and respond to live data from their equipment and instruments.

If issues arise within assets, the Hark Platform will detect the problem and deliver pre-emptive alerts to teams via Email or SMS. A full audit trail is available, allowing teams to understand exactly when the problem started and its impact over time.

Predict failures before they occur.

The Hark Platform requires no initial manual set-up. Once connected, inbuilt Machine Learning will study the usage and performance patterns of your assets to determine its nominal performance. Any subsequent under- or over-performance will be noted as a cause for concern.

In time, alerts will make users aware of potential areas of concern, significant pattern changes and any anomalies. This can be used to significantly avoid the risk of damage to systems and reduce the possibility of unplanned downtime.

Proactive maintenance. Not reactive.

Reacting to asset failures can be costly. But in a significant number of cases, damage can be pre-empted with transparent, visible and comprehensible information about equipment and assets.

For large or small estates, managing assets becomes a reactive challenge, particularly in the attempt to prevent failures. The Hark Platform is a proactive management tool that can be used to visualise and understand asset performance, securely, from anywhere in the world, with a twist.

Coupled with dashboards, visualisation tools and Machine Learning, the Hark Platform can be used to proactively plan, maintain and predict failures or successes in an asset’s performance. Preventing failures before they occur can save countless hours of unplanned downtime and increase asset yield.

Maintain operational efficiency and availability.

A facility’s assets have limits that are often exceeded. Minor inefficiencies and interruptions in an organisation’s processes build up while equipment unknowingly receives extensive damage. Repetitive exposure to these conditions can significantly reduce an asset’s lifespan. Replacements, high-costs and down-time are the subsequent consequences.

Whether it is configuration errors or a faulty part, the Hark Platform can assist in spotting problems and rectifying them. This can reduce possible damage or increasing efficiency.

With real-time data the fingertips of any type personnel, this information can be used to report on equipment availability over time. This allows asset management teams to identify which assets are underperforming or overperforming with a single glance.

Simple and easy. One-click configuration.

Setting up and configuring assets on the Hark Platform is straight forward for any device. Our plug-and-play technology reduces installation costs and service costs.

The Hark Platform does not require any servers or maintenance.  Configuration can be actioned through the platform itself without requiring on-site engineers to manually configure devices. The set-up of complex protocols is simplified while providing a powerful interface to review and manage assets and data.

Revolutionising Retail

Since 2018 we’ve been building a relationship with a major UK retailer who have over 2000+ locations across the country and command a 14% share of the industry.

The retail giant contacted our team with a specific goal in mind: to gain and increase visibility and control of assets within their estate with regards to their energy usage.

See it in action.