Hark Labs

Smart Manufacturing - The Time is Now

Manufacturing is good, it's the backbone of our country and its sturdiness has always been a key indicator and reflection of the strength of our economy as a whole. There's a strong tradition of manufacturing in the North of England - Did you know that... Read More

Julian Kay
Making Utilities Smarter

The growing population, paired with urbanisation, creates a constant strain on utility infrastructures. Modern society is built on basic utilities and providers are now looking for solutions to make their infrastructures smart, not only to meet the growing demand, but also to appease the hyper-connected... Read More

Shane Ellams
Making Legacy Smart; Bridging the Gap

What's paradoxical about big business is a board level strife for disruption and progression matched with a lack of consideration to the cumbersome, ageing platforms propping up their back end. The bigger a company gets the more computing power it needs and there's just no... Read More

Andrew Hathaway