Hark Labs

Clearing the Air: Understanding the Cloud

There are many fears and questions surrounding the legitimacy of the Cloud. The idea of company data held and accessed via the Cloud can spur up anxiety for those who remain unbeknown to its benefits. However, protection, security and efficiency to reach real-time data and... Read More

Jordan Appleson
Mi-IDEA / Bright Building Opening

On Thursday 21st September, through Friday 22nd September, Hark took part in the Mi Idea Bright Building opening event. The brand new building, a partnership between MSP & Cisco, hosts an innovation centre where start-ups are nurtured to grow in confidence and capability. The Mi... Read More

Andrew Hathaway
The Age of Smart Supermarkets

Tech and food companies are coming together. Amazon now owns Whole Foods and Walmart are getting into bed with Google. Ocado has even opened their own IoT department. Although the above examples pertain more to the streamlining of ordering food for consumers and the power... Read More

Jordan Appleson
The Importance of Work-life Balance

Maintaining a work-life balance in today's economic climate is no easy task. As the nature of paid work has shifted in favour of efficiency, the ‘intensification of work’ has risen. Today's work demands more time, skill and energy and thus, has impeded our ability... Read More

Jordan Appleson