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digital twins representation

How Digital Twins are Dominating Industry Transformation

Digital twins are a digital representation of a process, service or physical object. This computerised replica of the system or object is used to predict and assess performance and behaviour. A Digital twin’s main aim is to aid decision making by providing realistic indications of a systems current and future behaviour.

How IoT integrates with retail

The 4 Game-Changing Technology Trends for Smart Buildings in 2021

Now that 2021 feels like a distant dream; COP26, the UK energy crisis, the COVID pandemic all echoing around us – all of which being huge catalysts for smart tech integration, the question seems to beckon: are the promises of the last year being brought to fruition?

Connectivity uplink wires

3 Vital Connectivity Uplink Strategies for Large Estates

Sensors. Gateways. Devices. Cloud platforms. There’s probably less than you’d think that goes into the digital transformation of a business. Nevertheless, getting the entire system connected can seem like a mind-boggling minefield of buzzwords and jargon.

automotive factory

Automotive Mega Factories

If the Autumn fuel crisis had done anything other than make headlines and annoy motorists, it had brought to focus the significant benefits of the switch to electric vehicles (EVs). As the seemingly straightforward answer for the least-environmentally friendly industry, the EV movement is garnering some real momentum.

dashboarding 5.0 Quick Start Dash

Hark Dashboards 5.0 has Officially Landed

The latest update to Hark’s dashboarding system (affectionately nicknamed Dashboarding 5.0 by the team) has officially landed. Read on to get the low-down on new features!

Product Development Sticky Notes

The Power Behind the Question of “Why?” in Product Development

Have you ever wondered why children constantly ask “why” when trying to understand something? Well, as much as this can be frustrating for parents and guardians, in the Product Development realm it is an incredibly useful and simple tool to get to the root of the conversation, requirement, or problem.

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