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Leeds University Business School – Integrating SDGs into Businesses and Marketing🎙️Interview

Hark sat down with Reika Igarashi, a postdoctoral research fellow in Marketing at Leeds University Business School and Sustainability Champion for the Marketing Department.

Reika Igarashi will be joining us for The Collaborative Sustainability Agenda. We spoke to Reika about how sustainable practices are being implemented in academia and how companies are tackling sustainability.

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automotive factory

Automotive Mega Factories

If the Autumn fuel crisis had done anything other than make headlines and annoy motorists, it had brought to focus the significant benefits of the switch to electric vehicles (EVs). As the seemingly straightforward answer for the least-environmentally friendly industry, the EV movement is garnering some real momentum.

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performance analytics on tablet

Industrial IoT and Shift Detection

Shift patterns and shift management plays a huge role in the energy efficiency and productivity of industrial assets. Providing insight into asset shifts is the key to discovering system inefficiencies and unlocking control strategies which can simplify operation and ensure production targets are met.

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