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The oncoming effects of the energy crisis, the state of IoT & AI for autonomous cars

Read this week's latest Hark Friday Five our best energy, sustainability, technology and IIoT stories and trends.
Hark Friday Five

Energy prices: Power NI to increase electricity costs by 27.5%

The increase will affect more than 450,000 households. It follows a 21.4% price rise at the beginning of January and a 6.9% rise last July. The increase comes as consumers across Northern Ireland face higher food and fuel costs. The Utility Regulator has approved the tariff. There has never been a better time for reducing energy consumption.

Number of connected IoT devices growing 18% to 14.4 billion globally

While IoT adoption is the next step towards industry 4.0, the chip shortage continues to slow the Internet of Things (IoT) market recovery, according to the latest State of IoT—Spring 2022 report from IoT Business News. The number of global IoT connections grew by 8% in 2021 to 12.2 billion active endpoints, representing significantly lower growth than previous years.

Europe admits it’ll have to burn more coal as it tries to wean itself off Russian energy

The European Commission has fleshed out details of a plan to ramp up the EU’s renewable energy capacity. It envisages extra investment of 210 billion euros ($220.87 billion) between 2022 and 2027. But existing coal facilities may have to be used for “longer than initially expected”. Up to 2 billion euros will be needed to secure oil supply and 10 billion euros needed to import gas by 2030. EU has said it wants net greenhouse gas emissions to be cut by at least 55% by 2030, which it calls its “Fit for 55” plan.

Wayve partners with Microsoft to scale AI for autonomous vehicles

Wayve has partnered with Microsoft to access the supercomputing infrastructure it requires to scale its AI models for autonomous vehicles. Wayze began using Azure in 2020 after its computing requirements grew beyond its in-house 12-HDD RAID array and the SSD-based cache server.

Greeting the User: Design Tips on User Onboarding

The concept of onboarding comes from the sphere of employment and HR. It marks special steps and techniques aimed at helping newcomers to adapt to new conditions. Onboarding means the set of techniques and interactions whose objective is to comfort the user and give a concise introduction to the product.

And that wraps this week’s Friday Five. Seen one we’ve missed? Let us know on the contact page.

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