Hark Labs

Implementing AI into Healthcare Services

This September, Inspired Minds hosted their Intelligent Health summit in Basel, Switzerland. The event welcomed 2,000 visitors and more than a hundred speakers. Over two days, my colleague Alex and I, along with doctors and clinicians, were able to share our knowledge and meet... Read More

Andrew Hathaway
Welcome to Hark Studios!

We're excited to announce the launch of Hark Studios! This is the first in a series of videos where we'll be delving into some really interesting topics relating to the Hark Platform, its real-life applications in various industries and giving you a little insight as... Read More

Andrew Hathaway
Making Legacy Smart; Bridging the Gap

What's paradoxical about big business is a board level strife for disruption and progression matched with a lack of consideration to the cumbersome, ageing platforms propping up their back end. The bigger a company gets the more computing power it needs and there's just no... Read More

Andrew Hathaway