Remote Asset Performance Monitoring

Remote Asset Performance Monitoring

Connecting to, monitoring and optimising assets, from anywhere, at any time. Use Hark (an Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution) IIoT technology to stream your data to the cloud and visualise with beautiful custom dashboards.

What is Remote Asset Monitoring?

The Hark Platform gives you the tools to spot anomalies in cost and asset operation, with alerts and notifications to help you prioritise maintenance. With remote asset monitoring you can enable predictive maintenance, therefore reducing operational costs, increasing efficiency and helping you reach your net zero targets.

How Can The Hark Platform Help You Reduce Costs & Carbon Emissions?

Assess Risks & Failures

Visualise how assets are performing, allowing you to pre-emptively maintain and repair before failures occur.

Real-time Alerting

Automatically send alerts to the right people, as soon any of your custom-made triggers are set off.

Remote Asset Assessments

Manual assessments with a clipboard and a pen are a thing of the distant past. Undertake assessments easily, from your mobile phone.

Data Aggregation

Keep a well-documented record of asset data, operating costs and component life. A good record history helps control expenses.

Peak Unit Performance

Keep your assets functioning at their very best by closely monitoring and maintaining.

Hark Pricing

Reducing Carbon Emissions, One Asset at a Time

By connecting devices and assets, we can effectively reduce our carbon emissions output. That means that net zero targets can be met, and we can help protect the planet.

Here are some of the ways The Hark Platform cultivates sustainability:

Hark IoT Case Studies and Use Cases

How to Get Connected

Hark Connect can provide connectivity to assets and allow you to stream data to the cloud, or into your own platform.

No IIoT platform? No problem.

With Hark Analytics you can stream your data into a modern interface, which allows you to visualise data, create trigger and alerts, set up automation and much more.


Increase Efficiency, Maximise Yield, Reduce Waste

Use The Hark Platform to connect to, monitor and optimise your estate. Reducing both costs and carbon emissions, and massively improving the performance of your organisation.

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