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Cloud Technology: Defence Against Cyber-Attacks

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In recent years, cyber criminals have enhanced their hacking efforts at an alarming rate and become experts in weaponising business defences.

In the search for security, cloud technologies were used to target these threats, but cyber criminals flipped the tables and equipped cloud technology into their criminal armoury. Now, people are afraid to rely on cloud technology—but there’s no reason to fear ours.

Why Fear Cloud Tech?

Cyber security threats are no longer exclusive to big businesses. A recent report revealed SMEs are under attack, too: at least four will be breached by cyber criminals every two years, indicating digital security is at its most vulnerable period for any business housing sensitive data.

When ‘the cloud’s’ reputation (and all other clumsy, non-descript definitions that were being pinned to the term) was tarnished by cyber criminals and used to the detriment of businesses, the reputation of cloud reliability was also under threat. First and foremost, customers doubted the security of their data in the hands of these companies, but also feared the strength of the cloud as a preventative measure against cyber-attacks. Since there are numerous cloud technologies out there, one definition of “safe and secure” may not match another, leaving customers and companies baffled.

What Tech Innovations Can Help to Solve Cyber-Insecurity?

Smart tech such as AI, ML and automation can help to detect and identify malicious activity and alert businesses to potential threats. Machine learning is employed to detect unexpected patterns in web traffic; and is useful for detecting unknown threats (variants of similar malware threats or never-before-seen ones); and tools for automation can provide security analysis into potential leak path issues. AI, ML and automation hold the potential to dig down to the root of an attack before its consequences are felt by a business.

In addition, newer cloud technologies offer the promise of security based on their own innovative defences against security breaches. This includes Microsoft Azure, which the Hark platform uses to safely store client information because of its reliability and concrete security.

Why Our Cloud Tech is Safe

Microsoft Azure has been instrumental to our growth thanks to the power and security of their cloud-based offering. The Azure platform allows the Hark Platform to remain geo-redundant, all information is backed-up across various different sites across the world, in real-time and cyber-threats become not-so-threatening.

While people fear that cloud technology has faltered under an increasing amount of cyber-attacks, there are still innovators in the tech industry working to ensure that the cloud stays out of harm’s reach.

If you’re looking for a safe, secure way to analyse business critical data, the Hark platform can offer unprecedented cyber-security and confidentiality. Don’t let fear push your company off-track on the way to discovering how real-time analytics and fault analysis can put you ahead of the game. Get in touch today for more information.

Bradley Halstead
Bradley Halstead
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