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Hark switches to a proactive technical support strategy

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Hark technical support has always been an important part of our work with clients. We work together with clients to solve any issues they might encounter.
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Historically our service strategy was built around a ‘reactive’ model. Meaning clients would flag any problems they’re having and our technical support engineers would find and resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Typically problems might be things like devices going offline, which require investigations in order to find the root of the issue and provide a solution. Alternatively, a client may want to understand what could have caused a spike in their energy consumption, this is also part of the remit of our technical support team. Up until now, it has been up to the client to report any issues with their account…

Well, today we’re proud and excited to announce a change in our strategy, to help support our clients even more than before.

Proactive technical support at Hark

Whilst customers can still log any issues to us should they need to, we are now operating with a fully proactive model. We are now checking customer platform accounts on a regular basis and finding, flagging, and resolving any potential issues before the client comes across them.

This means that our clients can spend their time on other priorities rather than investigating any technical issues and raising support requests.

Technical support engineer, Ben Jones had to say this on the matter:

This kind of proactivity is a great way of constantly improving and optimising the overall user experience that our clients have. I’m really excited to be a part of this new support strategy and hope we’ll get some great feedback from our clients and partners.”

Carlos Nisbet
Carlos Nisbet
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