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Superfast IoT Device Discovery in The Hark Platform

Now you can gain asset connectivity faster than ever by making the most of the newest features in The Hark Platform.
example of industrial asset connected to cloud

Connecting industrial assets to the cloud

Connecting assets to the cloud can be a long (and often gruelling) process, especially for anyone who isn’t familiar with how it’s done – or how it was done... Within our platform, we gain edge-to-cloud connectivity by using some fundamental tools: communications protocol adapters and the Hark Cloud MQTT Broker. Both of these work in tandem to standardise, secure and efficiently deal with asset data coming out of our customers’ estates.

In the past, there were quite a few steps to gaining connectivity, including:

  1. Configuring and deploying a method of transport for data to the cloud, i.e MQTT.
  2. Configuring edge devices to send data via your configured transport method.
  3. Configuring a way to ingress data coming from your estate to be stored and organised.

As you might imagine, some of these steps would require back-end competence and prior knowledge, which could lead to some serious head-scratching or even create a bottleneck that delays the time taken to get connectivity.

This is why we are so thrilled to show off the new changes to The Hark Platfrom’s UX/UI making the entire connection process a simple, front-end journey.

Fast IoT Asset Connections

As you can see in the gif above, gaining connectivity can now be done in seconds. Simply use our communications protocol adapters to gain visibility of devices in the platform, then select the device, select (and if you wish, configure) device objects and finally create a model.

Once you’ve gone through the steps, the Hark Platform will take care of all of the hard work for you. It will configure the adapter, configure the MQTT Cloud Broker, create an Ingress to ingest data from your devices and collect all of it inside a Twin Engine Model for you to get to your end goal quicker. All done within a few clicks.

If you’re not already using The Hark Platform, why not sign up for a demo today?

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