IoT, The Digital Skin of Planet Earth

IoT Hark
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We recently featured in Raconteurs prestigious report, IoT for Business. The report investigated the continued widespread application of IoT; from the security of connected devices to combating climate change. The report demonstrates how IoT-enabled smart cities are changing the way we live.   

We wanted to take the chance to look through some of the innovative solutions represented in the report.   

Blackberry – Fighting Cybercrime   

Blackberry produced an interesting article around the security implications IoT has created due to the immense amount of connected devices. In an enterprise sense, a huge issue is the growing popularity of home-based workers who are only protected by a personal firewall. They discussed how integrating AI and machine-learning algorithms to these devices mean behaviours can be learnt and data surrounding previous malware and viruses can be used to predict future problems.  

As a company, we get potential clients frequently asking us about the security on our platform. We ensure we consistently monitor any anomalies and offer a secure cloud-based platform, Hark is ISO27001 certified too. It is interesting to see the latest developments in the security field and what innovative solutions are being created.   

Trilliant – Creating a Connected World  

Trilliant’s piece examines the importance of having a systematic and scalable architecture that is interoperable to deploy a large-scale IoT programme across major cities. The article demonstrated the work they are doing in Cape Town, where they are monitoring their entire water infrastructure to detect water leakages in real-time and give full visibility over availability, giving them greater control over this limited supply.   

What Trilliant is doing is revolutionary and we share the same ethos in consistently striving to make the world more connected. We ensure that both the sensors we use, and our platform is as interoperable as possible, it has been designed to connect to legacy assets so there are fewer barriers to connectivity.   

IoT, the Silver Bullet for Climate Change  

This article investigated the role IoT could play in helping to fight global warming and how IoT is the digital skin of the planet. It examined different ways IoT could be applied to reduce the carbon footprint of processes by minimising electricity usage, natural resources and fossil fuels. According to the World Economic Forum, IoT combined with 5G and AI could cut carbon by 15%.   

Here at Hark, we are all about reducing waste and becoming more energy efficient and we consistently help companies reduce their carbon footprint. It is exciting to see the various applications in multiple industries that are currently being used. We can only achieve the Government 2050 net zero goal if everyone works together, so it is important to see IoT being implemented in various fields and each sector working towards sustainability.    

These were just some of the amazing articles that featured within the IoT in Business report and there are many more perspectives and innovations in the full document. Our article on how IoT is a gamechanger in net-zero emissions can be downloaded here.