IoT – The Key to Smart Facilities Management

IoT – The Key to Smart Facilities Management
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Facilities management (FM) companies are the backbone of property operations. The array of tasks under their umbrella welcome a hailstorm of problems that often have repetitive, expensive and time-consuming solutions.

By utilising the Internet of Things (IoT), FM companies can simplify maintenance tasks, manage teams and work from afar. This beneficial and forward-thinking tech can optimise operations, position FM companies ahead of competitors and implement fast-acting and reliable problem-solving procedures.


Issues FM teams encounter can often throw unrelenting and unpredictable spanners into the works. Other than costly and time-consuming reports and other observational methods, there is no way to manage facilities effectively from afar.

It is therefore essential that FM keeps up with innovation to increase efficiency.

An IoT network can enable staff to observe and prioritise work orders using aggregated data and customisable live dashboards. Management can even monitor performance and understand a teams’ capacity levels.

Unsustainable maintenance models

We understand that the daily challenges in maintenance can reduce productivity within facilities and prove costly to fix. For example, component replacements can lead to machine downtime, time-consuming diagnoses periods and cause procedures to come to a halt.

In order to reduce expenses, FM companies should investigate how the implementation of evolving IoT-based tech can benefit the operations of their residents.

By upgrading facilities with the use of connected devices, FM teams can be alerted to predictions of potential failures, along with a self-diagnosis and the opportunity to reconfigure or restart devices from afar.

In addition, engineers are able to test new technology in the facility and get instant feedback on its performance. This drastically reduces the lengthy, risky process of installing and replacing equipment.

Declining energy efficiency

One of the most important KPIs of an FM team is their ability to increase the energy efficiency of a building for their tenants. Unfortunately, this proves difficult with no concrete overarching method to monitor this information.

Smart tech can now allow FM companies to have a real-time overview of how energy is used within a property – more specifically, where it is being used too much. Scheduling machine down-time during expensive energy-usage hours can save money and increase facility sustainability.

Benefits of Things

Implementing our platform as a standard offering to tenants is a serious feather in the FM cap: position yourself ahead way ahead of competitors.

Operations become streamlined and optimised; tenants remain impressed with the facility and its sustainability; and utilities become cheaper alongside a reduced carbon footprint.

To learn more about our offerings for facilities management teams, get in touch with us today.