Jazzing Up Java With Jamie!

Jamie-Vaughan - Hark
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We’re going to need a bigger office sooner than we thought…..meet Jamie Vaughan, our newest Software Engineer!

Jamie will be responsible for the maintenance, performance, research and development of The Hark Platform along with other tooling and projects.

Harnessing 4 years of experience in professional development and a further 5 in ICT system administration, Jamie is also a Microsoft Certified Software Developer (MCSD).

Whilst enjoying the continuous advancements that come with working in the tech sector, Jamie enjoys embracing new technologies and methodologies.

“Hark’s innovative solutions have revolutionised the way companies operate and adapt to change. I look forward to contributing to The Hark Platform and working with the business to evolve its practises.”

Jamie has a number of hobbies, inclusive of reading, cooking and music. He also enjoys the odd workout, along with occasional programming! Jamie likes to keep himself busy, and we’re really excited to see how he contributes to our continuous innovation!