What is Asset Monitoring?

Asset monitoring is one the fundamental offerings here at Hark. Monitoring your assets in real-time gives you huge, never-before-seen operational insights and can help to push your setup to the next level! 

After device connectivity, asset monitoring is the next step on your industrial IoT journey. 

What is an Asset?

An asset could really be anything within your business. Our asset monitoring solution typically refers to industrial assets which differ depending on the business, but can cover anything from furnaces to HVAC systems and production lines to supermarket bakery ovens.

You may be dealing with legacy assets such as printing machinery or unique fabrication process lines, or, you could be in charge of running brand spanking new offshore wind turbines or battery storage units for smart buildings!

 Siemens estimates that only 3% of the world’s machines within plants are monitored. This is down to outdated infrastructure, often decades old, but there’s a treasure trove of insight in those old machines and this is where Hark’s legacy integration expertise really comes into its own! 

Why Should I Monitor Business Assets?

There are different reasons for monitoring assets, the most rudimentary of all is simply understanding the location of assets such as pallets or supermarket cage trolleys.

But there’s so much more to asset monitoring! A lot of our clients are interested in our work on energy monitoring, and for good reason. Monitoring the energy consumption of all your assets allows you to fully optimise consumption behaviour across your estate, pushing down costs and reducing emissions.

Energy monitoring is also the gateway to even greater business value through predictive maintenance. Through our predictive machine learning modelling, Hark clients receive notifications in real-time on potential threats to the smooth running of their operations. The more power being drawn by an asset, the more likely it’s not running as efficiently as it should be.

We also talk a lot about remote assets, these could include huge assets within the energy production and oil and gas industries as well as industrial assets on premises. Gaining sensor data insight on remote assets from anywhere at anytime is a game changer when it comes to operational efficiencies and spotting problems before they occur!

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