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Energy Tool

Insight into consumption levels is the key to becoming more energy efficient, but gaining this information involves in-depth analytics which is a lengthy process that Energy Managers and Asset Owners don’t typically have the time to fulfil, meanwhile all of this valuable information is being lost. Transparency into energy consumption is invaluable to energy estate owners and that is exactly what our Energy Tool provides.

Instant Insight

Whilst you may be familiar with smart meters that are commonplace within many homes, these only provide the top-line data that give a broad overview of consumption. Whereas our energy tool connects to every inch of your energy estate, combining data from meters, submeters to provide real-time accurate data of your consumption.

Our solution uses your existing data from meters and instantly uploads it into our platform so you can visualise consumption instantly on our easy to use interface. Using machine learning we can instantly analyse the data and transform draws key insights that are displayed within the dashboard. This automated process removes the need to manually analyse AMR data and you can acquire accurate insight in seconds. And this isn’t just restricted to one site, this information is available estate-wide, meaning you are able to compare between separate locations and investigate why certain locations may be operating more efficiently.

The implementation of this solution means you can now dedicate more time to managing your estate and implementing effective action plans based on the information.

Plan for the Future

Whilst it can be hard to predict future issues that could impact your estate, with our tool you can forecast future consumption based on historic data. Our AI-driven tool can learn from the past and forecast consumption both on a short and long-term basis, so you can implement an effective strategy. For example, if your long-term forecast is demonstrating a rise in consumption you can decide if this is an acceptable figure or if changes need to be made to your sites to improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption.

Included Features 

Packed with features, our energy tool can innovate the way you and your clients operate. These include; 

  • One-Click Management – Managers can now access their data almost instantly; once uploaded, data is processed within seconds
  •  Upload and play – Our dashboard allows managers to insert any custom data set visualising it in seconds. Providing the basis of continually improving business operations by giving managers the insight of exactly what changes improve consumption.
  • Insights, Analysis and Dashboards – Draw insights and consumption information on individual assets and variables aided by comparing; per daily profile, customer, location, meter and by different times of the day. 
  • Data integrations and forecasting – Plan for the future with our advanced forecasting feature by comparing the different data points within your consumption analysis. 

To find out how Hark Energy Analytics can reduce expenditure in your organisation by accurately identifying high consumption, get in touch with our team.

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Bradley Halstead
Bradley Halstead

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