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How to deal with missing data

In Data Science, it’s pretty rare to come across a perfect dataset; data will frequently be of poor quality. It could have been recorded incorrectly, or it can be missing completely, which can be caused by poor data collection or storage methodologies.

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Hark Energy Hierarchies; the most useful features for data validation

As of 2022, there hasn’t been a more vital time to have a deeper understanding of your energy consumption; whether that’s across a varied estate of sites, in a factory, depot, or store. The fact is that energy costs are exponentially going up, without any indication of whether they’ll come back down. The time for action is now.

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The Hark Stand at Reset Connect

Key takeaways from Reset Connect

The “UK’s leading Sustainability and Net-Zero Event!” with the objective of helping “make your business net-zero, improve your ESG results, Green investment opportunities.”

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Why we built the Hark Cloud MQTT Broker

We recently released a feature called the Hark Cloud MQTT broker, you can find it labelled as “Virtual Gateway” in the Hark Platform and it is now available!

Let’s give a little bit of context into why we began developing this tool…

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the collaborative sustainability agenda

The Collaborative Sustainability Agenda

Today’s global climate temperature is accelerating at unprecedented rates. If we continue this current trajectory, global temperatures could rise by more than 1.5 °C, causing devastating effects.

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Leeds University Business School – Integrating SDGs into Businesses and Marketing🎙️Interview

Hark sat down with Reika Igarashi, a postdoctoral research fellow in Marketing at Leeds University Business School and Sustainability Champion for the Marketing Department.

Reika Igarashi will be joining us for The Collaborative Sustainability Agenda. We spoke to Reika about how sustainable practices are being implemented in academia and how companies are tackling sustainability.

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