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Busting The 4 Biggest Myths About IoT Installation

Integration; installation; transformation. These are all words that, when used under the scope of IoT, can either delight or terrify prospective clients. Here at Hark we do pride ourselves on not spreading terror, and instead, prefer to spread nicer things – like good vibes and professional expertise. And if there’s one thing we have expertise in, it’s IoT installation. So, let’s crack a few of the big misconceptions about IoT installation, and (hopefully) make those buzzwords less scary.

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Welcome to The Age of The Smart Store

No cash, no cards – no tills? If you took this news to the middle ages, they’d have burned you at the stake. But here in the outrageous present tense, all is normal (well, kind of).

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Post-Covid Retail is Battling 2 Major Issues: Does IoT Solve Both?

It’s interesting isn’t it, how a single industry, like retail, can be simultaneously faced with two completely opposing challenges? On one side of the spectrum, the typical grocers are having to tackle rapid spikes in bulk buying alongside big-spending seasons, which results in supply chain and stock issues.

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