Hark Labs

World Summit AI 2018

At Hark, we’re developing our machine learning (ML) for predictive maintenance features in our platform. By visiting the World Summit AI – this year held in Amsterdam, Netherlands – we were able to hear how other companies are integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and ML into their... Read More

Bradley Halstead
IoT - The Key to Smart Facilities Management

Facilities management (FM) companies are the backbone of property operations. The array of tasks under their umbrella welcome a hailstorm of problems that often have repetitive, expensive and time-consuming solutions. By utilising the Internet of Things (IoT), FM companies can simplify maintenance tasks, manage teams... Read More

Shane Ellams
Implementing AI into Healthcare Services

This September, Inspired Minds hosted their Intelligent Health summit in Basel, Switzerland. The event welcomed 2,000 visitors and more than a hundred speakers. Over two days, my colleague Alex and I, along with doctors and clinicians, were able to share our knowledge and meet... Read More

Andrew Hathaway
Perfect Pairings: The Art of Connectivity

Connection is everything, at least that's what we think. Without our deep knowledge and experience in different types of networks the Hark Platform wouldn't be able to perform half of the tasks which make it uniquely relevant to so many applications across various industries. A... Read More

Bradley Halstead